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Fiennes Performance:
A Little More About Who We Are…

Article by: Hannah in General - 4 October

Power is nothing without precision engineering to back it up, and performance is as much about longevity, durability and predictable performance as it is about speed.

At Fiennes Performance our specialist precision engineering skills have been honed over two decades. The range of services we can offer is truly world-leading, and includes everything from complete engine machining to flywheel balancing. We understand all aspects of performance, and everything we do is designed to create the optimum performance improvements that are so much more than just being able to drive faster than the next competitor.

We may be giving an engine an overhaul at the end of a racing season, or rebuilding one from the ground up. It will make no difference to the thorough attention we give to every detail of the job. The performance delivered by an engine results from the complex engineering inside it, and we understand the minute tolerances that make all the difference. Our specialist workshops turn out vehicles with finely tuned engines, responsive handling, and engineering refinements that give our customers not only an edge in competition but complete peace of mind that an engine is, and will remain, reliable.

Fiennes Performance began as Rob Walker Engineering. Based at New Yatt, near Witney in Oxfordshire, the business provided high quality engine machining services for both classic and modern automotive cars, across air-cooled and conventional engines. It established itself quickly as a center of excellence for traditional engineering and machining skills, and built up a following of loyal customers. The particular specialism in Mini and both air- and water-cooled Porsche engines enabled the workshops to produce results that far exceeded the manufacturers’ originals.

Today, Rob Walker Engineering is part of Fiennes Group and known as Fiennes Performance. It now operates at our hub near Burford, but all of those specialist skills, technical know-how, and experience, plus much more, are alive and well amongst a team of craftsmen second to none.  We are exceptionally proud of what we do, and that pride and confidence in our work means that if you have a classic or performance vehicle that you want running at its very best, be that for road use or with an eye to the track, your car deserves the services we can provide.

Fiennes Performance is part of the Fiennes Group, which also includes Fiennes Classics for prestigious and renowned classic car restorations for all marques and ages; Fiennes Engineering for parts production, reverse engineering, engine reconditioning, restoration, reclamation and repair; Fiennes Parts for the sourcing and supply of parts to original specification or better; and Fiennes Showroom for the sale of vintage, classic and performance cars with a competitive and personal service. All these are based at our Broughton Poggs hub between Burford and Lechlade in the Cotswolds.