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British Race Tracks –
Rockingham Motor Speedway

Article by: Hannah in General - 26 May

Within its relatively short life Rockingham Motor Speedway near Corby in Northamptonshire became one of the most famous and iconic racing venues in the UK.

After 10 years’ of planning and 23 months of construction, it was officially opened by the Queen on May 26th 2001 having started operations in the January of that year. Since the historic Brooklands which closed in 1939, Rockingham became the first newly constructed banked oval circuit, built on an old British Steel brown field site with seating capacity for 52,000 fans.

With 13 different configurations of track, Rockingham could be adapted to suit many different events and vehicles, including motorcycles, touring cars and rallying. This included the oval circuit at 1.48 miles in distance by just 18.3 metres wide, it had four very distinct corners and was one of only two speedways in Europe.

From the British Touring Car Championships to British Formula Three, with both an oval and racing circuit, Rockingham was in operation for not only racing, but events and shows too for 357 days of the year.

Throughout its time as a race venue Rockingham has hosted many events featuring many drivers including our own Chief Executive Ben Edwards who can be pictured racing there on the Fiennes Performance website.  

Sadly Rockingham Motor Speedway is no longer a racing destination and after 17 years that won a place in fans’ hearts for its unique experience, was closed and given a ‘super send off’ on 24th November 2018 for its final day of racing. Today, the circuit is in the midst of becoming a specialist automotive logistics centre and other related facilities, including storage capacity for 50,000 vehicles on what was once believed to be Europe’s fastest oval circuit.