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Engine machining and PERFORMANCE UPGRADES

With a full range of engineering services geared to performance, fast road, and classic cars such as Mini, and both air- and water-cooled Porsches, our specialists are ready to optimise any engine’s capability to give you the edge. With services spanning everything from gearbox builds to head reconditioning, we have the skills and expertise you need even if that means a custom build for a performance motorbike.


Experts in Machining Performance upgrades all engine types meeting your needs

Performance – it’s not necessarily just about going fast, beating your opponent, or indeed, yourself. It’s also about longevity, durability and predictable performance on the road or track. For us, performance stems from specialist engineering. At Fiennes Performance we have honed our skills for over two decades to cover everything from complete engine machining to flywheel balancing to create the optimum performance improvements.

A focus on optimising engine capability

Specialised engineering knowledge

Performance isn't always about a chequered flag


Making the most of your engine

A good engineer has keen powers of observation, an analytical mind and a capacity for perseverance. Yet, at Fiennes Performance there’s one more vital ingredient – deep knowledge. With specialist expertise across Mini, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Subaru, motorbike and indeed any other engine, the dedication to quality and attention to detail is absolute. So whether you need a precisely honed cylinder block, or the delicate modification of a Porsche crank case with an oil bypass, Fiennes can deliver.

Performance Mini

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Fiennes Performance Supporting
Young Racing Talent

Following in the footsteps of his great grandparents, grandparents and parents, Finley has racing in his blood, his father is the current National Hot Rod European Champion and took Finley racing for the first time at two weeks old and in his pram. He started racing at the age of six in the Spedeworth Ninja […]

A rising star in the workshop and on the race track

Fiennes Performance are fortunate to have a talented apprentice in our workshop who also happens to be the best driver of his age in the country, possibly even the world – and that’s no exaggeration.